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Ed-woods Lincs make bespoke wooden products that are handcrafted.

we also make the occasional crafters gift from material. we specialise in working with other crafters from the wool, spinning and weaving community and make items that these crafters use to enable them to complete their craft. We make and modify products to help disabled crafters continue or start a craft.


Material made pin cushions, two left . mauve and navy blue


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Material made pin cushions approximately 18cm tall. size varies. Only owls available at the moment.  filled with rice to stand up and stuffing top , to enable the pins to be inserted.

made from cotton material and felt.

comes in a variety of colours, blue, pin, mauve at the moment. pocket contains an object associated with sewing. tape measure, scissors for example. 11011113_671730546302096_1803146577818588830_n

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I feel that this website has given me the confidence to craft and not feel alone in trying to reach my retail dreams.

Ed-Woods Lincs is a local family run handmade wooden business that is continuously developing.
Over the last few years we have expanded our business and developed our range to grow with the demand for less plastic and a more eco-friendly finished item. We only stock in small locally run businesses, supporting the local high street, sell at county shows, and pop up shops and markets. Our wooden alternatives have become widely versatile and desirable alternatives for the home and kitchen. Spaghetti measurers, bowls, egg cups, spurtles and honey dippers.
The small close knit team of my husband and I, is built up of an experienced wood turner and bored wife, to become a small business that enjoys making items. From purchasing, collecting, processing logs and wood blanks to the manufacturer and sale of our unique exquisite range, with its own beauty and natural look. With our ever expanding range of items we are growing not in size, as many other companies do, but by range, designing, manufacturing and customer service. We happily adapt products to enable people with DISABILITIES to access our wool related items, make custom items and design and adapt items to create the perfect product which our customer has requested.
We live in rural Lincolnshire. We make items from wood that are locally sourced. Most of our wood, to make bowls and wood turned items are from the local forestry (Revesby Estate) woodlands. The woodlands are managed to maintain an ecological balance, trees are replaced as one falls. All our waste is used in a sustainable way. The saw dust is used for pets; the local farmer has some for the horses. The off cuts and scrap wood are used in my wood burner. All poisonous wood shavings, (for pets) are put back into compost to be spread back into the land.


I was made redundant in 2015 , then the month afterwards had a car accident. aggravating my disability and starting physiotherapy again , I felt that I wanted to combine my exercises into having an end result. The solution were my crafted items. I have been crafting ever since with help from my husband.


I attend craft events and am a registered trader with my local council. I advertise Feel Good Crafts at all the events and retail venues that I attend, spreading the feel good name , where I can.