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Welcome to Feel Good Crafts!

We help all sorts of people like you sell their beautiful handmade craft products through our dedicated marketplace. We are able to promote your goods on our social media pages as well as paid for advertising so your beautiful crafts can be seen.  You have the opportunity to share your story and increase awareness of your conditions.

If you wish to become a seller we do ask that you apply so that we can get to know you better.Once you have been approved as a seller, Feel Good Crafts will need you to provide an email for a PayPal account which the site uses for payments.

Feel Good Crafts offers two services:

Standard Service

With the standard service sellers will be able to upload products for sale directly to the site and once sold post the product to the buyer.

Feel Good Crafts will not charge you to list your products, there is no restriction on the amount of products or the length of time it is visible on the site. Once your product has sold, Feel Good Crafts will take a small fee of 10%. Paypal will automatically take a transaction fee (3.4% + 20 pence per transaction).

Helping Hand Service

The Helping Hand Service is for those who may have difficulty uploading products to the site and then posting the item to the buyer.

The Helping Hand Service allows you to send a bulk parcel of products to Feel Good Crafts warehouse, where the products will be photographed and uploaded to your profile with an informative description that you can provide. You can specify the selling price or we could set that for you. The Feel Good Crafts warehouse will pick, pack and dispatch your items to the Buyer.

All you need to do is contact us if you would like to use the optional Helping Hand Service so we can check if your goods are suitable and that we have sufficient warehouse space.

Click here for full terms and conditions of using Feel Good Crafts.

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