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After being diagnosed with a chronic medical condition or disability, work can be a way to maintain your confidence and retain a sense of normality. Approximately one in six people of working-age are living with chronic conditions and find that changes to their lifestyle need to be made. For those people who cannot work, what support is out there for them?

One option is Feel Good Crafts, an online marketplace that caters specifically for people living with long-term conditions, disabilities and their careers to sell handmade goods to the public.

Nicole, the founder of Feel Good Crafts talks about why she started the company.

Why did I start Feel Good Crafts?

I was living in Australia and was diagnosed with Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD) and multiple sclerosis (MS) and took the difficult decision to return to the UK to be closer to family. I found it very difficult to re-adjust and suffered with anxiety and did not leave the house for weeks at a time. What I needed was a purpose and a goal. After talking to friends and family with chronic conditions about their own plight of trying to find a purpose I came up with the idea of Feel Good Crafts.

Why is Feel Good Crafts different to other online marketplaces?

For people with chronic conditions, disabilities and their carers there are no upfront fees associated with listing handmade items, unlike other marketplaces.
Crafters of the site have two options: they can upload and dispatch their handmade goods direct to customers or they can choose the Helping Hand service, which offers additional support.

The standard service is subject to a small 10% fee once the item has been sold.

The Helping Hand service is aimed to help people who have mobility issues or are not tech savvy. Feel Good Crafts uploads and dispatches orders on the crafters behalf. The crafter sends a selection of items to Feel Good Crafts who store, fulfil, package and dispatch direct to the customer. For this service an additional 20% is taken once an item has been sold. There are no monthly storage fees or minimum stock level.

When was Feel Good Crafts started?

Feel Good Crafts was launched in June 2014 selling items by three different crafters.

How do people find out about Feel Good Crafts?

Feel Good Crafts has a big social media presence and can be found on:
Google +
Feel Good Crafts Blog
Member of the Professional Crafters Guild

Plans for the future of Feel Good Crafts

I would really like to find more crafters and customers for the website. This blog will be aimed at telling the stories of those living with chronic conditions and provide hints and tips about handmade crafts.

Some more about Nicole

I live with my Husband and Terrier cross Sydney (who is very energetic) in Surrey, UK. At the moment I spend most of my time learning new crafts and producing products to sell on the website, marketing the website and learning other new skills.

I started out on my craft journey with card making and scrapbooking and have taken the time to teach myself how to crochet. The next thing to try is sewing as I was given a new sewing machine as a present. Look out for new products when I get proficient at making things!

Want to support Feel Good Crafts?

Buy handmade goods from the Feel Good Crafts Website
Get involved and become a crafter
Share the website with your friends
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